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The schedule of tuition fees is posted in the bulletin board immediately after approval by the Department of Education, Commission on High Education and or the School Board of Trustees.

    1. Information on tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, special fees, schedule of payments, special discounts, refund and changes in rates are posted on the bulletin boards.
    2. In case of withdrawal from school, adjustment on tuition fees shall be as follows:
      1. Tuition fees paid in full:
        1. First week - 80% refund
        2. Second to fourth week - 50%
        3. After 30 days - no refund
      2. Tuition fees paid on installment basis:
        1. First week - 20% charged
        2. Second to fourth week - 50% charged
        3. After 30 days - 100% charged
      3. Students who drop subjects for any reason are obliged to file the necessary form which should be presented to the Registrar and Business Office for signatures. Date on the withdrawal slip will be considered as the date of the student withdrawal.
      4. Dissolved subjects are not chargeable.
      5. No student accounts are adjusted unless the student files an official form of withdrawal, adding or dropping of subjects, as the case may be.
      6. Back accounts must be settled before enrollment.
      7. All financial transactions are made with the Business Office.

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    1. Payment discount shall be the following:
  4. The Institution gives the following special tuition discounts to members of the same family who may be enrolled in the College, High School, or the Elementary Training Department. The special discount must be applied for at the Business Office within two (2) weeks from the start of enrollment. College Students must apply for this discount every semester. High School and Elementary students must apply at the start of the School Year.

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    1. First day - 80% of tuition only
    2. Second and Third day - 50% of tuition only
    3. No refund after third day.
  6. If the student withdraws, the following shall be implemented:

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  8. Should there be a change in the subject load of the students adjustment of the account shall be made upon filling of the NDMC RO-AD Form 2.

    All financial transactions are made by the Business Office and are acknowledged by an official receipt or document.

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    1. All freshmen and transferees are required to attend the orientation activities which are scheduled by the Guidance Office.
    2. Parents/Guardians of Freshmen and Transferees are requested to attend the orientation activities which are scheduled by the Guidance Office.

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    1. Fully aware of the value of out- of -classroom activities, Notre Dame of Midsayap College considers co-curricular and extra-curricular activities essential to the formation and development of the students. Every student therefore is encourage to participate in theses activities as part of his/her College experience.

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    1. To provide students with opportunities to plan and work together towards a common goal.
    2. To provide students the opportunities to develop their talents and interests and likewise exercise their leadership skill in transmitting values.
    3. To provide students the opportunities to foster friendship and camaraderie.

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    1. Only bonafide College students enrolled at NDMC may become members of recognized student organizations.
    2. All student organizations must have a full-time faculty moderator/ adviser. An Adviser can moderate a maximum of two (2) student organizations.
    3. Induction of officers or initiation rites may be held only after the organization has been officially approved, and must take place within the campus in the presence of the faculty moderator or adviser.
    4. Initiation rites involving undue bodily contact, physical pain or injury or subjecting the neophytes to do something beneath human dignity is absolutely prohibited.
    5. Notices and posters of campus organizations must first be stamped with the approval of the SAC before these can be posted in the designated places and the members are held responsible for removing the same after the activity.
    6. The name or seal of the College may be used by an individual student or an organization only when explicit written permission is given by the College President through the SAC.
    7. This applies to letters of solicitation, printed programs, invitation, announcements, tickets and similar materials.
    8. Explicit written permission from the SAC is required before any fund raising campaign or solicitation of financial or material assistance is made.
    9. Approval of the Project Proposal by the President's Council is required before the written permission is issued by the SAC.
    10. Savings from the fund raising affairs shall be deposited at the NDMC Credit Cooperative Inc. for safekeeping.
    11. The use of College facilities by student organizations needs prior written approval by the officers in charge of these facilities. Information regarding this matter may be obtained at the SAC Office.
    12. Written report of activities and financial transaction must be submitted to the SAC at the end of the school year by the president of each organization.
    13. Aside from the Central Student Council (CSC), a student may join three organizations at mot lest he be overburdened with activities which may be detrimental to his studies.
  8. At the beginning of the school year, all student organizations, old or new, must apply for renewal in writing at the beginning of the school year. To be recognized, the organization must explicitly affirmed in its constitution and by-laws and adheres to the vision-mission statement of Notre Dame of Midsayap College. Guidelines and official application form must be obtained and submitted by the Head of the organization to the Student Affairs Coordinator (SAC) for approval.

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  10. Academic Co-Curricular Clubs are organizations which aim to improve the academic preparation of the students in a particular field of study and to serve as laboratories and extensions in the application of theories and principles.

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    1. According to democratic procedures, the School recognizes the Central Student Council as liaison between the administration and the student body.
    2. The Central Student Council promotes the welfare of the students, develops their sense of responsibility and initiative, enhances good relation among students, and contributes to the integral development of the individual personality of the NDMC students.
    3. The Central Student Council officers are chosen through election. The process of the election is provided for in the Constitution and By-laws of the Central Student Council.

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    1. Overnight activities outside the campus are discouraged except in case of a closed retreat or when overnight stay is an integral part of an approved activity.
    2. In off-campus activities, students must be accompanied by the faculty adviser(s).
    3. For all off-campus activities, student organizers must comply ith the following requirements which should be submitted to the SAC office a week before the said affair.
      1. Letter of permission showing:
        1. Purpose, date and the venue
        2. Approval of the faculty adviser Dean for academic related activities.
        3. Parent's Consent from (available at the SAC office)
        4. Approval of the College
    4. No extra and co-curricular activities are permitted one week before examinations.
  14. Activities conducted outside the campus with social, academic, spiritual or extra-curricular objectives are encouraged. However, off-campus activities may be temporarily suspended due to valid reason like security, peace and order, etc.

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    1. Masses are celebrated at the College Chapel or at the gym.
    2. Recollections and retreats are scheduled for all students.

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    1. College-wide Intramurals are held every first semester of the school year.
    2. Activities are planned by the Athletic Coordinator, Student Affairs Coordinator, and Central Student Council Officers.
    3. Participation of all students is required.

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    1. Assemblies and convocations are scheduled to serve the varying needs of the students.
    2. Attendance of the students in all assemblies and convocation is required.

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    1. REGINA, the NDMC official student publication is manged by the student staff and a faculty moderator.
    2. REGINA YEARBOOK is the school yearbook prepared by the student staff and a faculty moderator.

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    1. All students, regular or transferees, are required to complete 18 units in Religious Education during their first three (3) years in this college.
    2. Muslim students are also required to take Islamic subjects during their first two years. Moreover, they have to get RE 305 and RE 306.
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