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College Admission Requirements

Notre Dame of Midsayap College accepts all who desire Christian education, who are capable of undergoing tertiary training, and who are willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the school. Enrollment in the College is a privilege, and the College reserves the right to refuse admission for cause.

Every college course has specific requirements for admission. Navigate to the course of your choice to read more details.

The following are the General Requirements for admission into the College Unit:


    The applicant must:
    1. Be a high school graduate.
    2. Take the qualifying examination.
    3. Undergo physical and medical check-up at NDMC Clinic.
  2. CROSS-ENROLLED STUDENTS from other colleges or universities will be admitted upon presentation of a PERMIT TO STUDY signed by the Registrar of their school. This cross-enrollment does not include the right to transfer to the College.

    Transferees may be admitted upon:
    1. Taking the qualifying examination
    2. Passing the interview with the following:
      1. Guidance Counselor
      2. Department Head
      3. Student Affairs Coordinator
    3. Submission of all required documents