Campus Highlights


Notre Dame of Midsayap College commemorated the birthday of Saint Charles Joseph Eugene de Maze nod, on August 1, 2013. It started at 7:00 O’ Clock in the morning with an institutional mass by Fr. Marjeo LI. Delfin , OMI. That was attended by the elementary Training Department and High School and faculty staff After the institutional mass the ANO (Association of Notre Dame Organization) officers rendered their oath taking. The different colleges separated into their assigned task for the “Alay Linis ng Notre Dame of Campus”. On that the same day Notre dame of Midsayap College Acquaintance was celebrated. The said celebration started at 1:00 O’clock in the afternoon by various parlor games which every colleges was properly distributed to the different team colors they belonged. The highlight of the game is “the amazing race” the every member of the team helps each other hand in hand to win the race. At 6:00 pm the contest proper was conducted and the categories are the novelty dance, singing competition and kaloka-like competition. The event was successfully done through the closing remark by the SSG President Jolai R. Garcia. More on St. Eugene De Mazenod on

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