Grade School Welcomes Pupils to a Limited Face to Face Class on April 25

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Nothing is more exciting than seeing you and your classmates troop the classroom for a lively lesson discussion from the teacher. This did not happen for almost two years as COVID 19 pandemic covered the world with fear and death.

But life has to go on even with COVID 19 pandemic lurking. One cannot stay at home forever and wait until the virus is contained. There is so much to do outside the home – and so is going to a physical school. Boredom, anxiety and even depression have been experienced by the learners as the mode of learning shifted to online and modular. 

The NDMC-IBED took the gargantuan tasks of complying the DepEd’s requirements for the limited face to face class.

On March 30, NDMC-IBED hosted the venue for the Limited Face to Face Consultation with Dr. Jocelyn Ordinario – Cotabato Division Private Schools Coordinator. The said consultation aimed to:

i.  discuss  the School Safety Assessment Tool (SSAT) indicators
ii.  identify what are the documents to be prepared for each indicators
iii. check what were the documents partly prepared by the different schools. 

Eight schools participated the said consultation namely: 

ii.   SCC
iii.  St. Jude College of Technology  
iv.  SMA
v.   PJPS
vi.  MBES
vii. Shekinah LCA
viii. Rufino Redoble Sr. MLC

On April 19, a team of validators headed by Dr. Jocelyn P. Ordinario - Cotabato Division Private Schools Coordinator, Dr. Elmer Castro and  Mrs. Evangeline Tiwaquen  - Midsayap District Supervisors and Mrs. Jeza Mae Cerbolles - District Nurse arrived at NDMC IBED. 

Dr. Daisy M. Medalla – IBED Principal welcomed the validators along with the three Assistant Principals: Dr. Evelyn A. Lopez -GRS Assistant Principal, Ms. Clarez Charity P. Moskito – JHS Assistant Principal and Mrs. Teresita G. Arellano – SHS Assistant Principal.

Dr. Ordinario and Mrs. Tiwaquen went through the documents submitted while Dr. Castro and Mrs. Cerbolles inspected the classrooms of the Grade School, Junior High School and Senior High School. 

Part of the inspection was also the two wellness corners where school goers with fever upon entry will be contained for further assessment by the school nurse.

The head of the monitoring team Dr. Jocelyn P. Ordinario, the Private schools coordinator of Cotabato Division, declared NDMC-IBED ready to implement the Expanded Limited Face-to-face Classes effective April 25, 2022.

The IBED faculty and staff with the head of security Mr. Jay Candidier were called for another orientation in preparation to implement the LFF.

Students’ Orientation will be conducted by the respective advisers through ClassIn.

Last April 21 the IBED council met to discuss the preparation for the opening of the LFF classes on April 25, 2022. It was decided that the Grade school shall be the first to implement the LFF. The JHS and SHS will be on May 2, 2022.


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